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About Us

MyIphoneShop is the first company in Greece that was active in the Mobile Retail market since 1996. We cooperate with the companies that import exhibition iPhones in Europe and America.

Our immediate priority is to ensure the best quality in the services we offer to our customers by offering high-tech products at competitive prices.

We specialize in the sale of showroom and used iphone mobiles focusing on the quality of our products and the high quality of the services we offer.

In our online store you will find, perhaps, the largest range of ready-made mobile phone accessories, tablets at the most affordable prices on the market. We are distinguished for the high quality service we provide thanks to the know-how we have for about 30 years.

Our many years of experience, love and passion for what we provide makes us one of the most reliable mobile retailers in the Greek market. Our motto is for our customer to feel safe and secure about the mobile phone he buys.

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